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Excellence Award

Covid-19 Pandemic

Ares Jonekson Saragi



During this pandemic time, the funeral officer have buried at least 30-50 remains of suspects or those who were declared positive for Covid-19 in every day. There is no definite information for them on the number of remains that will be buried every day, they were asked to be always standby at the location most of the times and wait for the arrival of the hearses.


I’m very honored my picture was chosen as one of the winner Nikon Photo Contest. I am grateful and thankful that Nikon granted this photo story and was hoping that this can be a reminder for people today that there’s so much loss we suffered because of the pandemic not only for the family that loss their loved one but also for people that have no choice rather than to serve and work in the field. My wish that in the future this documentation will be a reminder of what happen in year 2020 when the Pandemic Corona 19 Virus attacked the whole world and how people survive at that era.

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