2020-2021 Winner’s Interview


Amin Nazari

Islamic Republic of Iran

Photo Category Grand Prize

ー What made you decide to apply to the Nikon Photo Contest?

Participating in prestigious international competitions and being in a professional competitive environment have always been a joyful challenge for me. The Nikon photo competition, in particular with over fifty years of great performance, is surely one of the most prestigious photography competitions in the world.

ー Do you have any episode when taking the award-winning photo/film?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have devoted all my attention to photographing the corona virus and its consequences, and for two consecutive years I spent the last days of the year in the hospital and photographed.
The photo I presented in this contest is related to the moment of the Persian new year 2019. When I was taking pictures in different parts of the hospital, I came across this old man who was under treatment for the corona virus. He was welcoming the new year lonely. In this lonely moment a beautiful light was shining through the window on the wall of his room. This contrast reminded me of "hope" at the beginning of the new year.

ー Please tell us about your recent activities. Have there been any changes in your career after winning the award?

The Nikon Grand award is the most prestigious award I have won in the professional world of photography, and this award made me believe in my abilities even more. I received this award on my birthday which was very surprising for me!
I am very thankful to the organizing team, who made a lot of effort and follow-up for this program.
Photographing corona and its effects is one of the topics that I will continue working on it until it is completely eradicated.
Another subject that I photograph is climate change, which has caused the whole world to face crisis, considering that I live in one of the hottest cities in the world (Ahwaz, Iran) which makes this topic even more important to me.

ー What does 'taking photos/films' mean to you?

Photography for me is a way to release my emotions and wonders.
Through photography, I learned how to communicate with, and respect people.
Photography to me is to exercise patience and tolerance.

ー Could you give a message to those who are considering participation in the Nikon Photo Contest?

By participating in the prestigious international competitions like Nikon, we place ourselves in a serious competitive environment. My advice is to participate in this competition regardless of the final results and without thinking of award. Just enjoy the journey.

With respect,
Amin Nazari, from Iran