Nikon Photo Contest 2020 - 2021 Message


A single image can be burned into one's soul so that it is never forgotten. A video of only a few seconds in length can be shared around the world to create a new trend. In this age when digital technology and social networking platforms have become so popular and anyone can communicate as an artist, the possibilities for imaging expression are expanding without end.

In holding the Nikon Photo Contest yet again, we at Nikon are looking for works that use the power of imaging to appeal to others. This Contest has been held since 1969. That's roughly half a century promoting a vision of supporting creators who influence others through the global language of imaging, regardless of their age, nationality, or background. We hope to provide a place where like-minded artists who seriously pursue imaging expression can acknowledge, inspire, and challenge one another.

This year's Contest will be comprised of a photo competition and a short film competition.
The theme for the Open category in both competitions is "Connect". In today's society, images have become a familiar means of communication with billions of photos and videos shared via the Internet every day. It can be said that we humans are searching for new, never-before-seen ways to bond and communicate. Therefore, we are looking for entries in the Open category that express the connections artists feel now in their own unique ways.
The theme for the Next Generation category open to artists aged 25 years old and younger is "Passion". Passion has the power to stimulate people's feelings, create empathy, and change the future. We are looking for entries in the Next Generation category that convey the passion young artists feel in and around themselves through images.

Our goal with this Contest is to share the new value of imaging with more people as we pursue imaging's ultimate potential. We want artists to express their inner creativity through images and inspire emotion and courage in others as we head into the future together.

Toshikazu Umatate
Representative Director
Nikon Corporation

Entry categories and themes

Open category

Theme: "Connect"

How do we perceive the new world, and how do we coexist? We ask that you explore the meaning and significance of communication, as well as the bonds that connect people to the world, and through imaging express your unique perspective on the “connection" you experience around you.

Next Generation category

Theme: "Passion"

Passion evokes action, engenders empathy, and possesses the power to create the future. At times, it can move the world. We want you to convey through imaging the pure and devoted passion from your perspective.