Nikon Photo Contest 2020 - 2021 Judges

Wing Shya

Film director

With social media having become a day-to-day concept, especially for young photographers, one is likely to be influenced by virtual happenings whether they are aware of it or not. A “like” may originally have been designed as a loving initiative to show support online; however, we humans are, as always, capable of sublimating a simple concept into a multitude of meanings. The “double tap” has come to powerfully dictate our preferences, further influencing the algorithms of what we view, working to shape a very narrow, personalized, periscope point of view.
As a creator of visual materials, at times, one may feel like a willow leaf afloat in a sea of visual information. We are all undeniably a part of that sea, each with our own perspectives. Many wish to experience their 15-minutes of fame— to rise above the surface as a small tidal-wave.
Whether you are comfortably floating along, or you dream of rising up; as a person experienced in life, I would like to say that the purest creation comes from one’s core. It is about submerging yourself in an environment, but also investigating inward. The world has changed so that most of our energy could theoretically be spent on introspection, in search for that little something inside each of us. Perhaps it’s a small spark, or an abyss of darkness; one has the choice to share the essence of their soul with the world.
If one dares to share their personal works, without limitations on techniques or the objective notion of aesthetics, it eventually leads to their soul being perceived by the world.


Born in Hong Kong in 1964, Wing Shya founded Shya-la-la Workshop after graduating from Emily Carr Institute. Shya ventured into Still Photography when he started working for Wong Kar-Wai in 1997, for his renowned movies Happy Together, In the Mood for Love, and 2046. Shya continues to collaborate with him to date, exploring into the realms of directing movies and commercial videos.