Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023 Judges

Yolanda Escobar Jiménez

Photographer, Editor

Seeing thousands of works from photographers worldwide is a chance for me to learn, discover, and understand other contexts, realities, and the things around me that I would not normally notice. I will be able to see how others perceive and tell their own stories or those of others, and discover new ways of storytelling and confronting what I know. Don't be afraid of or wait to do that longed-for project in order to discover powerful stories in the everyday. Tell that minimal story that is just around the corner. Send in your photographic projects, films, or a photograph you will never take again that you know is powerful and has soul.


Yolanda Escobar Jiménez is a Mexican documentary photographer based in Ecuador. Yolanda focuses her documentary work on social issues, travel, and portraits. She has been published in various media, including Americas Quarterly (USA) and HuffPost (USA) . She has also collaborated on photographic and audiovisual projects with UNICEF and WWF. Yolanda is editor and photographer of Everyday Latin America, a community of photographers committed to using images to combat stereotypical perceptions. Currently she exercises photography independently, working on assignments for international media and non-governmental organizations.

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