Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023 Judges

Jing Ning


I’m honored to be a judge for the 39th Nikon Photo Contest. Over the years, the contest has introduced professional and amateur photographers and videographers, and their visions. As a judge, I want to see unique, conflicting and controversial works about the people surrounding us with fresh ideas to rethink our world. I’m looking for deep, touching and beautiful works that show love and respect for humanity, nature and the universe. I’m very excited to see great photos and films from all over the world that have great, touching stories.


Jing Ning is a director of TV commercial and film, who graduated with a BFA from Beijing Film Academy in 2011. From 2014 to 2017, she stayed in Los Angeles to study film and to work in the film industry, directing TV commercials for brands including BMW and TOYOTA. The films that she created has received various awards, such as the London Independent Film Awards June 2017, Best Horror/ Thriller/ Sci-Fi Short. Her experience in commercial and art, as well as Eastern and Western culture, creates a conflicting and mixed taste in her work.

* Comments from the judges are from their own views and opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the organizer.