Nikon Photo Contest 2020 - 2021 Judges

Heba Khamis

Visual researcher

It's exciting and challenging to be part of the panel of judges, especially in such a tough year, where the whole world has been severely affected by COVID-19.
I am very much looking forward to seeing how visual makers and photographers across the world reflect on this year's theme, "Connect", amidst the pandemic that forced us to social distance and disconnect from each other physically. The theme gives us a chance to reflect on how we connect with our surroundings in a broader way than the missing physical interaction. It touches upon all kinds of human experiences across the globe.
I hope to see diversity in thinking, approach, gender, representation and geography, to receive images from everywhere, to hear from the whole universe. There are still many under-represented voices in the world. I encourage everyone to submit their work to teach us and the rest of the world what we don't know, correct our stereotypes, inform us about your region, highlight your perspective and view of the world. Do it for the people you have photographed—bring their voices and stories to us. We need to hear from each other!


Heba Khamis, an Egyptian independent visual researcher concentrates on sensitive or taboo social issues related to the body, including mental and psychological well-being. She is a 2020 Catchlight Leadership Fellow. Her work has been selected for several international awards, including the World Press Photo Contest in 2018 and 2019. Since 2020, Heba has been represented by NOOR Images. She carries the ethics of traditional documentary form, with strong belief in the need of involving protagonists more in the creation process, to give them the chance to express themselves and interact in telling their own story.