Nikon Photo Contest 2020 - 2021 Judges

Neville Brody

Lead Judge
CEO of Brody Associates
Professor of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art (RCA)

In these challenging times, we need creative and cultural opportunities to remind us of our humanity and resilience, both celebrating and observing the planet and our communities in new ways. The Nikon Photo Contest is one of the most respected and key opportunities to explore these new questions and possible ways of thinking, where imagination meets connection.

This will be the third time I have been asked to lead the jury for this year’s competition, and I am humbled and honoured to be given this new challenge and responsibility. For me, the three competitions are linked, as part of a major transformational period in which we are coming to see ourselves and our futures differently, where technology has enabled and enhanced different ways of working with images, and where access to the tools and publishing of photography and video is now more widespread than ever before in history with so many new voices adding to the mix of our cultural narratives.

The Nikon Photo Contest has evolved in these few years, dynamically embracing change and a greater and more direct connection with the human spirit. A younger generation are refreshing the ways we encounter our worlds, and an older generation are bringing new wisdoms and insights to this ever-evolving story.

Entering the contest will not only add to the richness of these narratives, but will provide an amazing window for your work. We are looking for fresh eyes, new vistas, and transformative perceptions. We are looking for your creative, dynamic, and personal views, and hope to provide a platform to help you share that excellence with the world, both professionally and publicly.


Neville Brody is a designer who is very influential in a number of design fields, including digital design, typography, and identity. His insight and passion informs the work of Brody Associates, the collaborative creative agency he founded.
Brody's work ranges from album sleeves and identities for cultural institutions to branding work for global businesses.
He served as the Dean of the School of Communication at London's Royal College of Art for seven years beginning in 2011. In 2018 Brody became Professor of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art.
He is also a past president of Design & Art Direction (D&AD), an international non-profit organization representing the design and advertising industry. He lectures globally on design and education.

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