Photo Competition Entry Information


Theme: “Beloved”

i. Single Photo Category
  • Entry format: single photo
  • Any equipment can be used
ii. Photo Story Category
  • Entry format: photo story
    (two to five images)
  • Any equipment can be used

Entry Period

Thursday, October 27th, 2022 (from 4:00 am (UTC)), to Monday, February 13th, 2023 (until 4:00 am (UTC))

Submission Guidelines

  • Entry is limited to original works that have not formerly been released as any printed, web-based, or other medium (including advertising and stock photos) and for which the entrant holds all applicable rights.
  • Works that have been posted on personal blogs or social media can be entered.
  • Works that have won prizes in other contests or that have been submitted to other contests currently underway, including similar works, are not eligible. Even works that are entered in other competitions after submission to this contest will be regarded as having been submitted to other contests currently underway.
  • Entries and the persons depicted therein are restricted to works for which the entrant holds the copyright or for which the entrant has received the prior usage permission of the right holder.
  • Before submitting a work, the entrant is responsible for taking all steps necessary to protect the right of publicity and other rights of persons depicted in the work, including but not limited to obtaining their permission, to avoid any problems related to the infringement of these rights.
  • The limit for submitted works is five, including photo stories. Multiple entries can be submitted if the total number of entries is within this limit.
    Works that are identical or similar to another submitted work ("identical or similar works"*1) as well as works including identical or similar images*2 as separate works are ineligible for submission.

*1."Identical or similar works" refer to the following works:

  • ① a work produced from identical image data,
  • ② a work produced by cropping or retouching identical image data to alter it, or
  • ③ a work produced from similar, though not identical, image data as described in (1) or (2) above (e.g. a frame from the same series of shots, photography conducted at a different date or time yet producing the same result, or a work otherwise deemed to be similar).

*2. A photo story, multiple photo stories, or other work that includes an image identical or similar to a single photo

  • Entrants are responsible for the resolution of any legal issues arising from their submitted works and agree to pay any costs thereby incurred.
  • Entries including content from (1) to (5) below may be disqualified at the organizer’s discretion:
  • ① Content that infringes on any laws, or is defamatory or libelous
  • ② Content that constitutes or encourages criminal behavior, leads to civil liability, or that otherwise violates laws
  • ③ Commercial content that promotes products or services
  • ④ Content in which animals were harmed or manipulated in the making of said content
  • ⑤ Content that infringes on the copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, or other intellectual property rights of a third person or entity (whether individuals or companies), or violates rights of privacy or publicity, including:

    - trademarks owned by third parties (examples: billboards or signs on a street)
    - materials protected by third-party copyrights
    - names, likenesses, or other characteristics identifying celebrities or other public figures
    - entries containing screen credits

Photo Guidelines

  • Image data files created with a device capable of taking still images, including smartphones and digital still cameras (including medium and large-format digital cameras).
  • Images that have been retouched by using camera apps, photo editing apps, other software, etc. will be accepted.
  • Both color and monochrome images will be accepted.
  • File size: up to 20 MB of image data per work
  • Image data file format: JPEG/150 dpi or more recommended
  • The standard color space for the judging process is sRGB.
  • Entrants must hold all applicable rights to the final image, including any retouching or other image processing.

Winners might be asked to provide higher resolution images for publication or display purposes related to the contest.