Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023
Photo Competition Single Photo Category

Special Encouragement Award

Transmigration of loved ones

maruf shimanto



According to Bangladeshi culture, when a girl gets married, she has to leave her home. From this infinite love and affection of the father, she is transferred to her husband's house. This migration of loved ones is a given in this culture.


Ever since I was a teenager, I've always tried to express myself through a lens and constantly tried to make myself proficient in this language. I tried to make every moment seems alive; the viewer can think of himself as a part of the picture by looking at it. At the same time, I tried to spread my photos around the world. So that the people of the whole world can see the pictures taken by me, this is one of the steps to participate in this prestigious competition of Nikon. When I participate in competitions, I do not participate with any intention of winning. But triumphantly, I feel very close to my dream destination. This award increased my interest in photography. I am very happy to win this award. Recognition like this is every photographer's dream. Thanks to the authorities, who have implemented this dream and given due appreciation. Thanks to all.