Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023
Photo Competition Single Photo Category

Grand Prize

Tears in the rain

Austin Garcia



During the well-known festival here in Angono called the ”Higantes Festival” I was drawn to this subject wherein a child was clinging tightly to his father, while around the child was chaos caused by the celebration of the festival. Water was splashing everywhere and in this particular scene you can see the amount of the water being thrown into the crowd.


I am very grateful to be this year's winner of the Single Photo Award. This photo is very special to me as I relate myself towards the child and her obvious clinging gesture towards her parents. In the case of my photo, It appears to be his father that she is holding on. The chaos caused by the water all scattered in the air, bring balance towards the child desperately holding on to what she has. In life, evil and chaos is constantly around us and we must find something worth holding onto, just like my photo. Again, I want to thank Nikon for trusting my photo and proclaiming it as their winner. It is truly an honor to be part of this competition.