Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023
Short Film Competition Short Film Category

Special Encouragement Award

Fading Shades

Arun Yoganathan


Producer : Arun Yoganathan
Director : Arun Yoganathan
Screenplay Writer : Arun Yoganathan
Editor : Arun Yoganathan
Actor : Akshay Radhakrishnan
Poet : Fahmitha Shirin
Cinematographer : Luke Jose
Music Director : Sibin Mannilthodi


FADING SHADES -A Short film made in a new genre called ”POEM VIDEO”. This story portraits the struggle of a perturbed man, who is fond of make-up and dressing up. But he's afraid of Society, which mocks him. After facing his fears, he decides to stand up against the gender biased formula of society, conveying the significance of gender-neutral costumes and makeup for all, as well as the politics surrounding gender neutrality.


I'm overwhelmed with joy! Winning the Nikon Photo Contest for 'Fading Shades' is a dream come true moment. Grateful & thanks to Nikon and the judges for this incredible honour. This recognition fuels my passion for visual storytelling. Thank you all for the support and belief in my vision. Let's keep capturing moments that touch souls & inspire generations!