Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023
Short Film Competition Short Film Category

Excellence Award

Uncle Pon-Pon




Uncle Pon-Pon (as he is called by the people who knows him well), lives alone in a small room and works as a part time driver for a public transport called ”Jeepney”. He is mostly quiet but friendly and speaks with a rough deep voice. He wants to continue schooling even at his age believing that this next steps will change his life and be better from the current situation he is in now.


Every person has a unique story. Some are good and some are not. Nevertheless we learn from those stories and we see things in a different perspective. As a lifetime Nikon user, my goal is to capture those stories and show them to the world and bring awareness and inspire all of us to continue to do strive for the good of everyone regardless of the status, race or color. Thank you Nikon for giving me the opportunity to share to the whole world the journey of this man we call Uncle Pon-Pon.