Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023
Photo Competition Photo Story Category

Special Encouragement Award

A love that doesn’t fit in bed

Tiago Magalhães



Gabriel was born in November 2018 and, since then, I discovered a love that doesn’t fit in words. Maybe it fits partially in these 5 images. In the beginning, Gabriel used to sleep with me and my wife, in his baby crib; now he comes to our room when he has a nightmare or wakes up to piss. Result: I lost my place; the family album won a different way to register his growth.


We are very happy with this award, not only because of the prize, but also because our family history now makes part of this traditional contest's history too. I would like to update: Gabriel's visits to our bed are each time more rares. I am getting my comfort back, but I already miss my photographic serie.