Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023
Photo Competition Photo Story Category

Special Encouragement Award

The last portrait!

Mehrdad Vahed Yousefabad

Islamic Republic of Iran


Vadi-Rahmat cemetery of Tabriz, Blocks 65 and 57, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and childrens are sleeping at here. They are the victims of the Covid-19 epidemic buried in these blocks. According to Iranian culture and customs, a portrait of the deceased is engraved on a tombstone. The last portrait of them … (The first and last picture are about my aunts who died by Covid-19).


Thank you the Nikon Photo Contest Office and the judging team for choosing my photo collection to receive the award, it was a great pleasure for me. during the Covid-19 era, we lost many loved ones. In my family, 2 of my aunts died 6 months apart due to covid-19, and last year, my last aunt also died from complications caused by Covid-19. When I saw that the theme of the Nikon festival was ''Beloved'', it occurred to me to send the my photo collection ''The last portrait!'' to participate in the call. for memorial of all the loved ones we have lost during this dark time.