Nikon Photo Contest 2022-2023
Short Film Competition

General Public Award

The Apartment

Nicolás De Aguinaga


Director : Nicolás De Aguinaga, Renata Martínez
Producer : Nicolás De Aguinaga
Editor : Nicolás De Aguinaga
Writer : Renata Martínez
Director of Photography : Isaac Dorantes
Gaffer : Sam Billen


Sam bumps into his neighbour on the parking lot, he starts helping him take out the neighbour’s girlfriend boxes that was just moving in. When they get into to the elevator, stories begin. Sam shares his life with his ex girlfriend and why he has not moved on. As the story moves on, things get interesting and key elements appear in a different story as usual.


Thanks to the great team behind the movie, thanks to everyone who believed in us and helped us in this project and thanks to Nikon Photo Contest for the opportunity.