Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021
Short Film Competition

Grand Prize

運命回避(Escaping From Karma)

Rei Kuroda



The plot is about trying to break free from the various constrictions of society, while dealing also with issues of feminism, race, and nationality. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced drastic changes in our lives. What we took for granted can no longer be taken for granted, and what we thought were unshakable have become increasingly uncertain. I created this film based on the notion that perhaps there will be liberation if the colossal systems that have been built up are transformed, or if we can escape from them.


My video was actually produced by a few people, but I am delighted to have been chosen. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all fairly depressed, but it occurred to us that times like this demand expression, so we produced the video. I am sure that plenty of people out there feel the same way as me. Nothing would make me happier than for my video to reach as many people as possible and help to free them from the oppression of our era.