Nikon Photo Contest 2020-2021

Short Film Competition Nikon’s selection Award

The Ocean Voice

Rodrigo A.Thome



The ocean voice is a message from the ocean to humanity! We must learn to connect with the ocean, all life in our planet come from it! Besides that we still treating the ocean and its creatures as if it is not our problem. We must reconnect, we must learn more, we must love more the ocean!


2021 is a new Era for mankind. We are just rising from a very difficult moment in our lives. That period that we spent in the absence of the social contacts turned our senses to ourselves and what should be really important. I really hope that from now own, we, the humanity can look at the oceans as we should and think of it as the breeding of every living creature on this planet, and respect and protect it as is needed. The Ocean Voice is a love letter from the Ocean to mankind! Please hear it...