Photo Competition Nikon’s selection Award

By the Bells

Daniel Stein

United States of America


I tried to capture this shot last year when I visited this spot, but the surrounding wildlife seemed to agree we would be better off as snacks, so we fled. One year later I returned to this location only to be greeted with thick clouds. With no wildlife present, I decided to wait it out hoping the clouds would recede. Towards the end of the night, I got my wish and was able to capture the magic.


I am ecstatic to hear this photograph has been selected as a Winner in this year's contest! This image was taken a on a solo journey through the Colorado rockies. I was looking for connections from not only within my work and what it means to me to image the cosmos, but also to connect with myself. This shot was taken on the last night of my journey and I think the significance of that was perfectly timed.