Open Award single photo

Bronze Prize

各有一“担”(What We Must Bear)

刘 奕(Yi Liu)



Many young people have left farming villages. They work in places away from their homes, and only return for New Year’s. Most of the people who remain in the villages are the elderly and children. This is a situation that has become common in modern day society, however we must consider the reason behind this social issue where the elderly and children are left behind and forced to wait. This is a result of the social challenge we face today, which is the economic imbalance between urban and rural areas. We can only hope for more rapid improvements to be made in society, so that these people may only have to endure these difficult times for a shorter period. This picture shows two elderly women carrying their ill grandchildren and helping them receive IV treatment. Despite their frustration and discouragement, they pray for their grandchildren's recovery.


I am very honored to receive this award in the Nikon Photo Contest 2018-2019. This is my second time winning a prize in this contest. The first time was the Nikkor Award and the 2nd place award in Category B at the Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013. I am also very grateful to Nikon for holding such a prestigious and world-renowned photography contest, which allows us a chance to show our photography to the world.