Open Award single photo

Silver Prize

Looking Death in the Face

Sarah Burgos

United States of America


My mothers last self given bath before succumbing to Pancreatic Cancer just 12 days later. Trying to maintain as much independence as possible while finally accepting that she was going to die.


This picture means the world to me. When I took it I knew it was special to me, but I never thought that it could touch others. I have never had much confidence in my photography, and it took encouragement from a friend who is am amazing photographer to change how I see my photos. This helped me work up the courage to submit my work. Life is something that is so easily taken for granted. Sometimes it takes finding out you or someone you love are going to die, to wake up and want to live. Now through this photograph my mother lives on traveling across the world being seen by countless people and maybe touching the heart of a few. To me this photo represents the change in my mother over her last days, but has also transformed into so many changes in my own life.