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Silver Prize

Unique Love

Zay Yar Lin



I took this scene while on a garbage fire project. I accidentally saw this scene and felt so sad and pain in my heart. First, I was thinking this female dog is doing normal breastfeeding to her little babies. But, when I looked carefully to her, she was already dead with injuries. Even with injuries, she took care of her babies until death. She is an animal, but show how great the love of a mother is! It is also a cruel change for the future of her babies too.


I'm a travel photographer based in Myanmar. My ambition is to become a Nikon Ambassador if chance given by Nikon Company. I'm truly honored to be one of the Nikon Photo Contest Winners for the second time. My gratitude goes to Nikon Photo Contest and all the judges who have done a very difficult job for choosing winners. This photo was taken accidentally but it shocked to me. It shows the powerful love of a mother and consequently the moment of a cruel change for the future of the young pups. I believe no other kind of love can be compared with the unconditional love of a mother for her children or babies. It is a truly beautiful gift for everyone in the world.