Open Award photo story

Silver Prize

Waste rain

Didier Hébert-Guillon



Once consumed, objects and their packagings are rejected in the public place. Through the singular aesthetics generated by the accumulation of garbage, this photographic work documents the immediate post-consumerism. It is about the future of objects in our societies of consumption, to question our daily habits and to point the failures of ours economic systems.


For me, winning the Nikon photo contest is a great opportunity to share my work all around the world. Being selected over 97000 entries by professional judges is a great honor for me. This prize motivates me to develop all the more my career as a photographer and to exhibit my work internationally in great places like Shibuya cast. This year's theme, "change", inspired me a lot because I think our species have to change its habits, we have to respect our planet and change our state of mind about it and also toward other people. We need equality, we need respect. In fact, we simply need more humanity.