Next Generation Award photo story

Bronze Prize

Secret Artist

Rishi J



There is a proverb that ‘A true artist does not ever stop creating art’,is most appropriate for Baskar. Now he is working as a food delivery boy. Baskar never judges a work with its position, rather he always believes in effort and dedication. Apart from his job, he loves to write poems on current social affairs & he can draw some phenomenal paintings also. Hardly one can know about his artistic identity as he never shows it to the world.


As a photographer, I always search for some social messages which can be conveyed to the audience through my photographic visual language. I am grateful to Baskar that he allowed documenting his daily lifestyle where I found his hidden talent. I am thankful to Nikon for giving me a chance to show Baskar's story in front of the world and I wish other people like Baskar will definitely get some encouragement with this global exposure. Thanks a lot to the judges for selecting my work as a winner.