Next Generation Award photo story

Bronze Prize


shahryar hosein beygi



iran , state of lorestan , people of lorestan every year for Mourning of a religious leader who die 1300 years ago who killed by the islamic king of that time , make muddy themselves and walk in the street with bare feet and cry and mourning for that religious leader and Chants that we fight with the government if they try to make us slave . parents bring their children and make them muddy for 1300 years generation to generation .


i love photography since i was child , i love photography more than everything in the world but i have poor family other photographers in iran always humiliate me because i have not full-frame camera or good lens and other Equipment , i work hard as child to buy my first camera , and it is amazing that i selected as winner with a cheap camera and a kit lens . thanks a lot to Nikon , you are my favorite company and this prize help me to believe my self as photographer , now i am electrical engineer student but i will try to find a university to study my biggest love , photography .i love you Nikon you learn me photographer is more important than Equipment .