Next Generation Award photo story

Silver Prize


Adam Żądło



Domesticated animals perceive man as an omnipotent. I grew up on a small farm where breeding, caring, killing and eating animals were part of everyday life, a natural cycle of life and dying. In the wild, most of the calves dies in childbirth. Farm dramatically increases their survival. Animals receive care and shelter. The end is dramatic, but the benefits are mutual. The circle closes. Don’t forget, however, that you can easily cross the border - and coexistence becomes cruel exploitation.


I was lucky to be born in a small mountain village in Poland. I lived on one of the last self-sufficient farms in the area. People depicted in the photos are my family: my father, mother and grandmother. Animals were my true friends. I hope ”Minigods” will tell you a story about a unique bond between pets and humans. Dear Nikon! Thank You for the laurel and opportunity to show my photo story to a wide audience. It is a huge honor! I would like to also say ”thank you” to the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow - for consultations on this project and teaching me all about photography power.