THE OPEN Award: Video

3rd Prize

Amazing Starlings

Billy Horan



I am delighted to have been selected and that you though my entry was of particular merit in such an important contest. I took up photography in late 2012 after reading a book on the subject and I would like to think that I have improved with experience since then. I mainly concentrate on photographing the mountains of Co. Kerry in Ireland, it’s where I go climbing every weekend. Video content is very new and recent to me therefore I am thrilled with your recognition. It encourages me to put more thought and creativity into my work going forward into the future as I gain experience.

About The Movie:
It all began in late December, we were inside our home eating dinner when we spotted a large number of Starlings congregated on the electricity wires outside. We walked out to see what was happening and next thing they all took off. The birds would zig-zag across the sky with excessive energy, it was amazing to watch and it was our first time to witness such an event known as a ‘Murmuration’. Every evening myself and my father made a point of being at home to record the magical displays in the sky at dusk through the months of January and February while my Mom watched the action from inside, all footage used in the creation of this movie was recorded by myself using the Nikon D7200 camera but it was nice that my father was also there learning to record movies with his new smartphone. Some evenings the displays were very muted and only lasted a short while whereas other evenings they were very energetic and seemed to last forever. I hope this movie helps convey the wonder of nature that is all around us and which should be protected for future generations.