Next Generation Award:Single Photo

2nd Prize

今日の朝ごはんは何にしよう?(What are we going to have for breakfast today?)

安藤 秀(Minoru Ando)



I’m quite surprised that my work has been selected for the Nikon Photo Contest Next Generation Category. The contest for this year was a great challenge for me. The theme was the “Future”, and at first I was unable to visualize how to express something that had no shape and is temporal. And so I tried to imagine the near future since I figured it would be easier to picture than something distant. Then I chose to take a photo of an egg that was near me. This was because eggs can be changed when cooked. After that I pictured the egg changing its form. For me the most exciting thing about the Nikon Photo Contest is simply taking part in it. I hope to take part next year again and create something even better. Thank you very much.