Next Generation Award:Photo Story

3rd Prize

変わりゆく世界で(An Ever Changing World)

渡邉 智之(Tomoyuki Watanabe)



We get frustrated in traffic, chat with friends, and spend time with family while foxes do the same such as fight with their siblings, seek comfort from their mothers and sense the smell of the wind in the same, nearby environment. We categorize them as “wild animals” and believe they are creatures that exist outside of our world, yet when I observe them I feel they are more like our “neighbors” that live in the same “natural environment”. When we are able to see them as our “neighbors”, that’s when we are able to truly coexist with them. And so it would be great if people could perceive the foxes as our “neighbor” when they look at my photo. And I also pray for a better future where we can live happily together with them.