Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Generation N: Winner

Flaming Truth




The lady represents the unsoiled and purity of truth itself with the harsh realities of lies burning up. I shot this together with my friends, we set up the newspaper backdrop and everything. It took us a week time from planning to gathering the materials needed, testing the flame paintings and finally bringing the sketched idea to life.

This is my first conceptual portrait shot based on a quick sketch I sketched last year. It is about the theme of the freedom of expression, the truths and the lies of the printed media - newspaper. I shot this together with the help of my friends in university, this shot is totally impossible without them - they are Jackxen Wong, Tan Yong Fu, Felix Teo, Jie Sheng and lastly the model - Joen! This actually took us like one to two weeks time from pre-production to shooting and finally post-production. It's very challenging and tiring but fun, we do not have a studio or a proper lighting set so we decided to shoot and set up everything outdoor, our main source of light is actually the sunlight. We gathered some old newspapers which are ready to be recycled and combined them into a wall of newspaper to be used as our backdrop. I am shooting at the exact same spot for 3 days continuously with the help of my friends, 2 nights to get the desired fire painting's flames pattern and shapes and 1 day for the model's portrait shot with the burning newspaper! For post production part, digital blending and multiple exposure method is used to combine the flame's paintings shot we did at night with the model's burning newspaper shots.