Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category B Theme “HOME”, photo story:
3rd place

The Visit

Wlodek Staszczyk (WlodekS)



I completely did not expect that my story shown in pictures would get appreciated. The photos were technically difficult, moreover I could choose only five to bring them together as the whole story. I am really glad because Nikon Photo Contest is really the top, so hard to achieve no matter the prize given.
A village in central Poland. The mother of five, adult children, all having their own lives, homes and families, invites them for dinner on the occasion of family celebration. Despite the efforts put in the preparations the atmosphere is not as warm and cheerful as it should be. The time passes quickly.
It was easy for me to feel this situation and atmosphere as I had become the part of this family. Taking pictures on family occasions is something natural thus I was able to document the whole event.