Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category B Theme “HOME”, photo story:
3rd place

Enrico's Place

Polina Flegontovna

Russian Federation


Remember the first time you visited someone's home? Everything around you was a tool to get to know the home owner better. You walk around and discover everything - objects, plants, books, animals. For me this was always an important step of getting to know someone. It eliminates barriers between you, erases secrets and opens up new doors. This series is about that moment of curiosity, that feeling of unknown that slowly fades away as you explore someone's home for the first time.
This happened in Barcelona, at my friend's place. He invited me over and while the rest of the guests were talking I embarked on my exploring journey. I just happened to carry my camera around that day and I started shooting. It wasn't a difficult thing to do. I didn't have to travel to the other part of the world or invade someone's privacy by entering a stranger's house to take pictures. It was a friendly tea time with some friends and that is what I wanted to be seen in the photos.