Nikon Photo Contest 2016 - 2017 Judge

Ori Kleiner

Professor at the School of Visual Arts (SVA)

A photographic image frames a single surface where its author and its reader meet. A photographic meeting point where those two unique histories collide and mix,  coauthoring a new narrative using those two distinct perspectives. The captured image owes its ephemeral existence to both its author and its readers each of whom sees it in a unique light and through a unique set of shadows. As viewers and decoders of meanings, we breath life into a captured image with a contemplative gaze and a visual literacy afforded to us through our own complex histories. I look forward to those many particular and peculiar rendezvous.


Ori Kleiner is an educator, motion designer, filmmaker and artist. He is the coordinator of Motion Graphics courses at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

For the past eight years he has been producing and creatively directing the Annual Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening as well as the ADC Motion Showcase both featuring award winning work by motion students of the departments. His students’ work won various awards including Art Directors Club, Type Directors Club, Adobe Achievement Award and was featured on leading industry blogs and website including (vimeo staff picks), and among others.

At SVA he manages and creatively directs the creation of the Design and Advertising Departments Portfolio App as well as the creation of the Design and Advertising Departments.

He worked at CBS on various shows includingThe Early Show, CBS Morning News, Time Magazine Person of the Century, Grammy Countdown and 60 Minutes. His 2007 documentary film, Recognized has been screened in Israel, Europe, the U.S. and Canada.