Regarding Entry and Submission

Q. Who qualifies?

A. The contest is open to everyone, whether professional or amateur and regardless of nationality, age or sex.

Q. Is there an entry fee?

A. There is no entry fee. Entrants are, however, expected to pay Internet connection fees and other costs associated with submitting their entries.

Q. Do submissions have to be shot with Nikon products?

A. You may only use a Nikon product for the Nikon 100th Anniversary Award, but you can use any maker's product for the Next Generation Award and the Open Award.

Q. Why can't I submit prints?

A. In order to judge numerous works sent in from around the world under conditions that are as uniform as possible, we do not accept prints.

Q. I understand that previously published works will not be accepted, but what about pictures that have appeared on the web or on social networking services?

A. You can submit works that have previously been uploaded to personal albums online or that have been posted to your personal website or a social networking service for non-commercial purposes.

Q. Will submissions be returned?

A. No, submitted photographs or any data files will not be returned.

Q. Will I be notified when my submission is received?

A. Entrants are not notified when their submissions are received; however, you can check the status of your submission at My Page on this website by logging into your account.

Q. What are the sizes and formats?

A. Submitted photographs must have a file size of no more than 20 MB per image file. The recommended file format is JPEG/150 dpi. The standard color space is sRGB. A submitted video work must comprise video footage and/or still images with a length of 6 to 180 seconds. The format may only be MOV or MP4. Video compression should be with H.264/MPEG-4VC.

Q. Can I submit retouched images? And how much can I retouch an entry?

A. Images that have been retouched using software or by other means will be accepted. Retouched photography using a camera app or photo editing app is also eligible. Both color and monochrome images will be accepted.

Q. Can a group submit a work together?

A. Even if you submit in a group, only the name of the representative will appear on the entry, so any prizes awarded will go to the individual representative, not to the group.

Q. Can I submit a work that was shot at any time?

A. Yes, it can be shot at any time.

Q. Can I submit image data that is a scan of a photograph taken with a film camera?

A. Yes, you can submit it.

Q. When can I submit my entry?

A. Between Monday, October 17, 2016 (opens at 1:00 p.m. Japan standard time) and Monday, February 27, 2017 (closes at 1:00 p.m. Japan standard time).

Q. Can I submit an entry that I've submitted to another contest as well?

A. No. Works that have been submitted to other contests currently underway, including similar works, are not eligible.

Q. Can I submit my work to another contest after submitting it to this one?

A. No. Works that are entered in other competitions after submitting to this contest will be deemed as those having been submitted to other contests currently underway, so they will not be eligible.

Q. Can I use a nickname with my submission? I don't want my real name to be public.

A. No, you can't enter with a nickname. Please enter the contest using your real name. Note that your real name will appear in a public gallery and on the voting site.

How to Apply
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Q. Can I enter multiple times?

A. You can enter multiple times as long as you do not exceed the number of works allowed. No further submissions will be accepted from entrants who have reached this number.

Q. I think a picture I took after I entered the contest is better than my original submission. Can I cancel my previous entry and submit the new work in its place?

A. Yes, you can do that. You can cancel the submission and re-submit the work during the entry period; however, note that you can't do that after the entry period.

Q. Can I email my submissions directly to Nikon or the Nikon Photo Contest Office?

A. No. Entries can only be submitted via this website. Note that files sent in error to other locations will not be accepted and that you will not be sent notification concerning their receipt.

Q. What happens if I forget to fill out a field in the entry form?

A. You will not be able to submit the entry form until all required items have been filled out. If you overlook a required field, a message will be displayed. Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete the form.

Q. What happens if data are lost or corrupted during upload?

A. Nikon accepts no responsibility for loss of data during upload. Be sure to back up the data before entering the contest.

Q. Can I submit my entry on a CD or other physical media?

A. No, you can't. Entries are accepted only via the Internet.

Q. I'm having some problems uploading data.

A. Double-check the instructions in the entry form on this website. If you are unable to resolve the problem after reading the instructions, send an email inquiry to support@entry.nikon-photocontest.com.

Q. Where is the "Submit" button?

A. The entry period is from Monday, October 17, 2016 to Monday, February 27 , 2017. Beginning on Monday, October 17, 2016, the button will appear in the entry form on this website, so please check there at that time.

Q. Can I submit with a smartphone or tablet?

A. Yes, you can submit via a browser on a smartphone and tablet that is compatible with responsive web design.

Q. I've forgotten my password. I want to change my password.

A. A temporary URL requiring that you enter your registered email address and date of birth will be sent from the "instructions on 'Forgotten your password?' page" at the login screen.

Q. I've forgotten my email address.

A. If you have forgotten your email address and can't log in, send an email inquiry to support@entry.nikon-photocontest.com.

Q. I want to change my email address.

A. At the page of "Change User Info: 1. Input User Info" on My Page, enter your email address, make sure you fill out all the required items marked by an asterisk (*), then click the "Confirm Entries" button. Your information will be changed.

Regarding Entry Categories

Q. Can I submit both single photos and photo stories?

A. Yes, you can. You can submit up to a total of 10 photographs, including those in photo stories. You can only submit 1 entry to the video category.

Q. Can I submit the same work as a single photo and in a photo story?

A. Yes, you can submit single photos that are also within photo stories.

Q. Do I have to submit works in both the video and single photo/photo story categories?

A. You may submit to only one if you wish.

Q. The age limit for the Next Generation Award is 29. What is the cut-off date for one's birthday?

A. You must be 29 years old or younger at the time you submit your work, so long as the time of submission is between the dates of Monday, October 17, 2016 and Monday, February 27 , 2017.

Q. Can I submit entries to all categories?

A. If you are 29 years old or younger and all your submitted works were shot with Nikon products, then you can submit entries to all categories. Even so, you may not submit an identical or similar work as a separate work, and you may not submit one work to multiple categories.

Q. Can I submit multiple single photos?

A. Yes, you can submit up to 10 single photos (10 works).

Q. How many photos can I submit for 1 photo story work?

A. The number of photos that can be submitted is up to 10, combined for single photos and photo stories. Since the maximum number of photos for 1 photo story work is 5, applicants may submit up to 2 photo story works (total of 10 photos).
* The number of photos that can be used for photo stories will change for applicants who have already submitted a work in the single photo category (1 photo). Please confirm on My Page.

Q. How can I confirm submitted works?

A. You can view at "Entries" on My Page. Select the image to confirm details and edit.

Regarding Judging

Q. How is the judging conducted?

A. Awards will be decided after the first, second and final rounds conclude. During final judging, all judges will gather in one place and engage in serious discussion.

Regarding Public Gallery and Site for Voting

Q. Can anyone vote?

A. No, voting is limited to those who have entered the contest.

Q. Can I vote for separate categories?

A. You do not have five votes per category, but five votes in total. You may vote in the “Grand Prix of Works Selected by Applicants”, which includes all works that passed the second jury.

Q. Can I vote for my own work?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can I choose the Nikon 100th Anniversary Award or the Grand Prizes?

A. No. All votes from entrants are for the Participants Award for Most Popular Entry.

Q. How do I vote?

A. When you log in and access My Page, you can vote at the page of "Second Round Winners Gallery".

Q. Can a person vote as many times as they want?

A. Yes, one person may vote up to five times. As long as it is in the prescribed voting term, votes may be changed an unlimited amount of times.

Q. Where is the gallery of works? And how can I view it?

A. You can view it at the "First Round Winners Gallery" on the top page.

Regarding Results and Winners Announcement

Q. When and how are the results announced?

A. The Nikon Photo Contest Office will contact the winners only via email at their registered email addresses by late June 2017. We also plan to announce the winners and winning entries on this website by July 2017.

Regarding Prizes and Rewards

Q. If I win, will you send me the cash and prizes? Will Nikon pay taxes and so on?

A. We will send by international courier service for all category winners. (TA-Q-BIN delivery service will be used for winners in Japan). The prize winner is responsible for taxes except in cases where the sponsor is responsible for paying the tax.

Q. Can I exchange a camera or lens I win for a different model?

A. No, you can't exchange for different models.

Q. My country has restrictions on the camera or lens awarded as a prize. Can I exchange for a different one?

A. If there is a restriction in your country of residence, a different prize shall be awarded at the discretion of Nikon. The winner in this case can't specify the replacement product.

Q. Can I redeem a camera or lens I win for cash?

A. No, you can't redeem it for cash.


Q. What happens to submitted works and personal information after the contest ends?

A. Procedures to erase them are performed on December 31, 2017.