Nikon Photo Contest 2016 - 2017 Judge

小高 美穂/Miho Odaka

Photo Curator

I think the impulse to capture the world we live in and the things we love in a picture is something that probably hasn’t changed much since photography was first invented.
Precisely because we encounter such a massive number of photographs in our daily lives and new imaging techniques are being continually developed in the modern era, we have a responsibility to reconsider the origins of photography.
I’m looking forward to discovering works that take an earnest approach to the major mission of “passing something on to the next generation.”


After graduating from Sophia University Department of English Literature, Miho Okada moved to the U.K. where she earned a Master's Degree from Falmouth Collage of Arts, Institute of Photography. She started her career as an Independent Photographer after working as an Advertising Photography Editor and engaging in art pieces sales and exhibitions at art galleries. She is currently involved in projects such as photography exhibitions, film festival exhibitions curation ,exhibition coordination, artists' management and instruction, writing and other activities that connects Japan and the world in the field of photography.

Main exhibitions: 2015 Tokyo International Photography Festival (curation), Prix Pictet 2015『Consumption』Tokyo Exhibition,『Photography Now!』(IMA Gallery 2014),『Mario Giacomelli Exhibition―The Black is Waiting for White』(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2013)(coordination), etc.