Nikon Photo Contest 2016 - 2017 Judge

王磊/Wang Lei

Independent Multimedia Producer

Each photographer owns one different world. The people including me, who work for this contest, would like to see this different world through your works. We want to share these happinesses with all of you in 2017, and extend this feeling to all of the world.


He was a press photographer, which helps him to observe society calmly and objectively.
He cares the vulnerable groups, which makes him concern the fates in this great era.
He focuses on the Chinese people's stories, such as illegal Chinese workers in the UK, the rangers in rainforest, the uremia patients who can't afford to medical treatment, these stories of small potatoes become sad but beautiful in his camera.His works show the contradictions of real life and the people strongly pursuing of better life.
He is an independent multimedia producer, multimedia award winner of the World Press Photo contest. His multimedia works are published on the major international magazines, such as ""The Economist"" magazine.He is also the main multimedia lecturer for many Chinese news agencies and organizations.