Nikon Photo Contest 2016 - 2017 Judge

Neville Brody

Lead Judge
CEO Brody Associates / Dean of the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art (RCA)

The Nikon Photo Contest is a premium award, recognised globally as a key place to discover new and rising talent, fresh and necessary observations on our planet and society, and imaginative spaces that surprise, move and inspire us. It is an honour and privilege to be asked this year to be Foreman of the Jury for 2016-17, a challenging task filled with the responsibility to continue this great tradition of selecting relevant quality, discerning trends, and mapping future ideas and professionals. I have accepted the baton for this year with excitement and trepidation, hoping that both myself and the juries will be able to carry on the professional reputation for excellence that distinguishes this award and everyone who enters.

Entering this contest is a wonderful opportunity to have your work introduced to a world of professionals and public. It is also an opportunity to show the world some of your excellence in observation, imagination or creativity.


Neville Brody is acknowledged as a seminal designer specialising in digital design, typography and identity. His insight and passion for pushing creative boundaries informs the work of Brody Associates, the collaborative creative agency he founded.

His work over three decades ranges from album sleeves and identities for cultural institutions to corporate work for global businesses.

Brody is also Dean of the School of Communication at London’s Royal College of Art. He is a Royal Designer – the UK’s highest design accolade - and past president of Design & Art Direction, which promotes creative excellence. He lectures globally on design and education.