Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Generation N: Winner

A Fort of Starts.




I'd really appreciate if the photos could be printed on canvas, but that is just a wish. The photos should have white mount, and maybe white frame too. As the blue will stand out with the white background. Otherwise a normal black frame would be just as fine.
I'd really like to thank Nikon, for considering talent like this. I am just as honoured to be looked and appreciated for the efforts taken. Thank you once again.
I am currently located in Pune. Pune has a place called 'Juna Bazaar' , where people residing set up small open store for antique things. Its called ' Chor Bazaar ' where the items are sold at a very low rate. As a part of my school experiment, we went to shoot at this place. The kids were the best fun to shoot, as some would hide at the sight of camera, and some children's parents got mad for capturing them unknowingly. But every photo got me a story, and that is what I look for while shooting streets.