Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Generation N: Winner





This is a photograph that could be interpreted in many ways, depending on the viewer. The rising of soft smoke along with the soft light and the calm expression suggests that this shot may be the aftermath of a struggle. It is intended to be a visual personification of what it may feel like after coming out of a time of hardship, after the fire dies down and what you're left with is lingering smoke. What sort of hardship or dark time it may be will vary from viewer to viewer, as each of us has different experiences with different struggles that have affected us in our lifetime. This work means a lot to me and I am extremely grateful for my work to be recognized by Nikon in such a large and respected photo contest.

This was shot in my friends house, in the living room. My friends and I moved all of the furniture out of the way and placed the armchair in the centre, in front of the window so that there would be softer, natural lighting. After this shoot was over I was left with over 100 shots to go through, since I had to constantly be shooting because the smoke from the smoke machine that was placed off to the side was constantly changing.