Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category D Open theme, photo story:3rd place

The life of shadows

Dariush nehdaran

Islam Repablic of Iran


It is such an honor to be the winner of such an great contest, and I am glad that the judges got the feelings hidden inside of my works.
In my opinion,following the rules is an illegal action, maybe whatever exists, is our own explanation and there is no reality.
“When we stand, they fall
When we sit, they crumble
When we walk, they shiver
And when we sleep, they whirl,…….
Facing the wall, back to the window, and looking through the window waiting for the sun to shine again, waiting for us to arrive again... so that they can mingle with the stripes of the zebra crossing, and melt in the gray asphalt of the road, lest a car drives over them. But we never wait. We crawl through the cars, and dance on the zebra crossing.
By the time the shadows make it to the other side of the road, they are finished; they change names and colors, and become hatched lines in the dark night. But we continue to be. Far from the gray world of humans, we turn the wheel of life; we live and grow in our pitch black world.”
In this work, the shadows are single-dimensional as opposed to the multi-dimensionality of the humans. The shadows merely show what they are. By flipping and rotating the images, real life is replaced with the life and meanings of the shadows; and despite reality being distorted, the shadows are distinguishable. The shadows show themselves more precisely, compared with the reality of the image.