Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category D Open theme, photo story:3rd place

More than a mother


Islam Repablic of Iran


Nikon Photo Contest is one of the great contest all over the world. I am very proud to be one of the winners of this contest. i think Nikon photo contest let professional and amateur to show their Talent in photography. i love Nikon and i use this brand from many years a go.
More than a mother November 2013 Iran-kurdistan-sanandaj Semko was three and a half years old. He had an illness called microcephaly. This collection is describing a hard life.A young mother and her sick child. This young mother and her husband got divorce and she worked alone. Their divorce was because of semko's illness.She worked hard and took care of her sick child who suffered from a very hard illness.She could not leave home and leave him alone. they had no financial supports from any char. this complex taken in Iran Kurdistan province Sanandaj city Shaikhan street this street is one of the poor location in the city and i take this photos in a very small old home.