Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category D Open theme, photo story:3rd place

The Emptiness that We Confess

Khahshayar Rahimi

Islam Repablic of Iran


We all have this feeling of emptiness inside of us. That moment when we found ourselves thinking about nothing. Lost in the deep adventure of darkness, looking for nothing. I hope this photo collection would be successful at recreating these moments.
There are various locations and situations but the main location is Tehran University of Art and my main subjects are art students. This university and it's students are really interesting in many different aspects but my main reason to choose them is that most of them are in a state of debt and disappointment after being qualified as students of this university. They thought entering the university was the main goal but now they see nothing else ahead of them. As a Tehran University of Art student I have encountered many of these examples so I mixed my idea of "Emptiness" with these people's perspective of their education.