Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category C Open theme, single photo:
3rd place

The sands of time




I am very proud to be one of the winners of the Nikon Photo contest ! It means a lot to me, especially with such a huge competition. I am also very happy that my work on the Namibian abandoned mining towns has been chosen because it was an incredible experience and that it is a very special and unique place for me. This represents perfectly my universe and the eerie atmosphere i want to deliver to the public.
This paticular picture was taken in the desert in Namibia near the town of Pomona where I was for a photographic project. I wanted to shoot the abandoned mining towns ok Kolmanskop and Pomona where people suddenly left when diamonds started to drain. Now, these ghost towns are just filled by sand which is litterally devouring the city. Pomona is less known than Kolmanskop but is also very interesting, This house was not in the main village of Pomona, during the lunchbreak, I saw this house very far away on a hill; I decided to skip lunch and run to it.