Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category C Open theme, single photo:3rd place

Go Vegan

Витушкина Александра

Russian Federationf


In today's world people often presents himself the crown of creation of the universe, it is increasingly sinking into mindless consumerism. I would like to draw the viewer's attention to the fact that the world may look different. And in order to look at the world broadly, we must look at it from different sides. I do not called all to be vegetarians, but I urge to look beyond all that surrounds us. With broad-minded man becomes more flexible, more kind and more tolerant, and that is very important.
I am very grateful that my work appreciated at such a high level, I am very pleased to participate in such an important and large-scale competition.
Shooting location - Industrial premises.
To implement the ideas I got 6 ducks who now live with me. As an additional light source is used in flash nikon speedlight SB910 on the synchronizer.
Shooting took place in a creative and relaxed atmosphere.
The photo was taken during the photo shoot, which was started for the implementation of this idea.