Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category C Open theme, single photo:
2nd place


Kári Sverriss



I am truly honoured that my image was selected as a winner of the Nikon Photography Competition.
This came as a big surprise, this image is still one of my favourite image that I have ever captured.
The reason for that is, I usually work with models and actors, however in this case I worked with siblings and this image is a part of an ongoing project that I will be working on about love and acceptance. I scouted them on the streets in Reykjavík, after watching them for a while I stopped their mother and asked if I could take a picture of them for my portrait series.
This image for me was a magical moment and it showed the love that Bríet the girl has for her brother.
The subjects are both beautiful on the inside and the outside and I want to thank them for participating, without them I couldn't have one this prestigious awards from Nikon. I have always wanted to work with Nikon, and I think Nikon cameras are the best on the market and very suitable for the work that I do, so it I am very happy to have won an award from a brand like Nikon for a picture that I took.
Snowfall in winter is always the most difficult time for taking picture. I had a lot of problems to protect my camera against cold and snow snow. I seen the low temperature in the capital, Kabul. The city is located in a valley at an altitude of about 1800m so snow is a regular feature here. My picture shows hard winter in Afghanistan that creates many problems for people.