Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category B Theme “HOME”, photo story:
2nd place

From One Moment To The Other

Aurélien Voldoire



Born thirty years ago in the Central Region of France, Aurélien Voldoire started working seriously on series of photos during his travels.
His inspiration goes beyond the mere evocation of cities, he is hunting for furtive moments revealing intimate feelings.
A daily life without any "direction".Life only directed by the perception of a play of shadow or of perspectives in which the passer-by is captured in an instantaneous posture.
Only luck remains master of the events.

Location : Mauritius and Cuba
First travel in Mauritius in february 2014 & second travel in Cuba in july 2014 From One Moment To The Other :
The colour we like as a garment on a bare wall. A well-arranged collection of colours aiming at a sensation of harmony. In addition to that, light and shade enlarge the scenery on every side and make us forget the ground.
Coloured game on the wall. It could be illustrated, moved forward, backward, changing in front of our eyes.
Finally, there is the isolated figure, alone ,standing out of the red or blue of the front walls.
This figure whose relief is so rich when you see it as part of a landscape.