Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category A Theme “HOME”, single photo:
3rd place

Private Vacation




Alhamdulillah. Photography is a visual which is tell anything or maybe everything? Combine ideas in photography will bring people together, to think about what you want delivered. This year, Nikon provides an excellent theme, deceptively simple but difficult to visualize, different and unique. Overall, this is a very interesting competition and thank you very much Nikon!
Photo is taken in the 'home studio' which is a bedroom, there are 2 panel windows that provide natural light dan coupled with a camera flash light. The picture taken at about 1 pm with a purpose to get a natural light into the room. This is my own photo setting which is the subject of the photo without a remote only a camera timer setting. The technique need me to take a photo shot for compatibility repetition photo 1 and photo 2 to be combined. To shot 2nd photo (stand) I used a pillow as a prop to stabilize my arm. The next process is in photoshop.