Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category A Theme “HOME”, single photo:
3rd place

Mother's Love

Wai Yum Leung

Hong Kong


I sincerely thank Nikon for hosting this contest. It gives us the chance to be inspired by more objects around us and expand our vision. Visits to splendid contries are not necessary for the discovery of touching sights, for thrilling moments are always found in ordinary life, just around you and me.
The photo was shot on a court of a public housing estate which was built by HK government and rented to low-income families Though the dwellers are not affluent, the neighborhood relationship is strong. At dusk, residents come to the court in large numbers for exercises. It so happens that a mother is having a walk with her daughter, and with the public housing estate building as a backdrop, the scene gives a feel of "family".