Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category A Theme “HOME”, single photo:
3rd place

Protect Our Home




This is a international competition, I was not expecting to win it. The only think i can say just "wow! thanks god". I love photography, I'm glad if other people liked my work. And I really like Nikon, that's what makes me very excited to participate in this competition. I really hope to meet the team of Nikon ambassador, like dave black, dixie dixon, corrie rich, and I want to be like them, maybe this is my first step to be able to achieve it.
This photo was taken in Surabaya, Indonesia. The city has the nickname "heroes's city", because on 10th November 1945 there was a great battle there and made the 10th November as national heroes day. Actually this photo was not taken by that date, this photo was taken on 7th December. At that time I was traveling to Surabaya, and I did not think if there is an event commemorating the heroes day. Event on that day is a drama depicting the war. I took many photos at the event, and thanks to the realistic effects of the play I was able to produce images that look realistic as well, I am very happy with my work. I showed it to some of my friends, they were surprised, they thought I was going to the battlefield, but i am not. The difficult in taking this picture is because the atmosphere was very crowded, so many people come and blocking objects. But luckily I can still take good pictures.