Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category A Theme “HOME”, single photo:
3rd place

Every day's work




Recently discovered my passion is photography, and although I'm just starting out in this field, it moves me very much to have been selected. My thanks to those at NIKON, who hold contests such as this which serve as a platform for new photographers, motivating them to stick with it.
This photograph was taken on one of the tallest mountain ranges in the state of Oaxaca known as "Latuvi", one of the State's more humbler regions, dedicated to harvesting apples and peaches, which they bring to the city to sell; fog and rain covers this region throughout most of the day; it's a humid environment, so it was difficult to capture an image of the people working or planting their trees and harvesting on the slopes of the mountains, which become slippery with the humidity and magnificent nature.