Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015

Category A Theme “HOME”, single photo:
3rd place

Spring in My Hometown




I'm honored that my photo works Spring in My Hometown has entered this photo contest. I am very grateful that Nikon provides this contest platform for us so that I could present the unique and charming artworks of my hometown to people all over the world. I hope I could get more such chances and I will continue to support Nikon.

( Nikon D3X camera, sensitivity: ISO640, f-number: F9, shutter speed: 640) In Longxian county of Shaanxi province in China, villagers hold a Shehuo parade from 1st to 15th of the Chinese lunar January every year. The Shehuo parade is a form of art in which winning or losing is determined by performance, modeling and skills. With various difficult movements, players are made to act as historical figures and modern figures, forming stories, and presenting lofty and thrilling artistic appeal. In recent years, as the life standards of local people continue to improve, and with the guidance of the policies of "all flowers bloom together & get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh" and "all flowers bloom together & all schools of thoughts contend for attention", people in various places continue to excavate and organize traditional Shehuo events, holding various contests, joint performance, art festival, folk art performance, Shehuo activties and other forms of amusement. All these programs and forms of art pop up all over the place and continue to develop and grow. Both the number and the quality are excellent. The variety, splendor and magnificence are the highest for the development of Shenhuo art.