Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013

Category C Photographic Video:3rd place

After the Harvest

Jonathan Z. Lekwot



This film was shot with a simple point-and-shoot camera and a mini tripod. This was all I had to work with when the opportunity presented itself. I played a lot with the long shadows at sunrise and at sunset and tried to show the strenuous nature of the work in the midday sun. I feel inspired to have come this far in such a prestigious global contest.

The film was shot in Kaduna, Nigeria. I got the idea to document this when I noticed the hired workers harvesting the sticks to be used for thrashing the crop. I took advantage of the early morning and late evening light as the adjustable settings on my camera were very limited. Given that the maximum resolution of the video function on the camera was 640 x 480 I decided to use the 'frames' template on my video editing software to avoid further loss of image quality.